Using the Cognition Cockpit Platform for the Systems Engineering of a Local Health Care System in Cameroon

MaholaPaper_LP_ImageComplex systems aren’t restricted to life science products—they’re everywhere, and designing them can be a challenge. Especially in non-profit, international programs aimed at solving complex problems with systems engineering solutions, these challenges have an added layer of complexity.

The most common problems these programs face include:

  • Geographic distance between project stakeholders
  • Cultural, national and legal boundaries
  • Resource instability throughout project lifecycles
  • Infrastructure issues, particularly if projects lie within developing countries

The Mahola Project is one example of a program attempting to overcome these obstacles. Looking to solve the complex health needs in a region of Cameroon, the project looks to develop a comprehensive, sustainable local healthcare system that will help improve patient treatment and outcomes.

Presented at the 28th Annual INCOSE International Symposium by Dr. Mario Kossmann, ESEP—one of the Mahola Project’s Project Leaders and System Engineers—this paper explores how the Cognition Cockpit® Platform has been used in the engineering of this regional healthcare system.

Download the paper today to see how the Mahola Project has leveraged Cockpit in:

  • Capturing and developing the project’s system requirements
  • Enhancing organization of project data through traceability
  • Integrating risk management to identify and control known and anticipated risks

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