Where Do Design Thinking and Design Controls “Collide”?

Design_Thinking_Collides_with_Design_Controls_LPImageMany life science organizations treat design thinking and design controls as separate product development stages. In reality, they “collide”—intersect and overlap—throughout the development process. But how? And what are the benefits of managing this intersection?

Download our latest white paper, “Design Thinking ‘Collides’ With Design Controls” to learn about how these two product development stages overlap and influence each other. See the benefits of managing the flow between design thinking and design controls, including:

  • Capturing and preserving early insights about your product
  • Managing smoother transitions of product and innovation data between development stages
  • Identifying and addressing development issues early-on

This paper will also help you understand just some of the ways design thinking tools work with and influence design controls work. Through exploring tools such as journey mapping, stakeholder mapping, rapid prototyping, and business model canvases, gain a more practical understanding of how to manage the flow between these design stages.

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