Does Your Product Development Need a Critical-to-Quality Program?

Are you struggling with:

  • Losing contextual information around your product requirements?
  • Issues prioritizing product design requirements?
  • Linking lower-level requirements to user needs and the Voice of the Customer (VOC)?

CTQ_Flowdown_LPImage.pngIf you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might need a better method for managing your product’s quality requirements. But don’t worry—there are proven methods that can help!

In our latest white paper, “Understanding Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) Flowdown,” we dive into one such method. As a way of managing the relationships between your requirements, product quality, and the VOC, CTQ Flowdown is a powerful process your team can easily implement into your product development process (PDP).

Download the white paper today to learn about how CTQ Flowdown can help you:

  • Focus on your product’s most critical requirements
  • Establish intrinsic quality into your PDP
  • Improve data management throughout your product’s lifecycle

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