Webinar: Cloud-Based Computer System Validation

for FDA Compliance

You can cut down on the time and cost you currently devote to validating your product development software tools.


Can you really cut down your validation of product development software from weeks to days?

Yes, you can! And, you can do improve the quality of your validation compliance activities at the same time. But how?

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This 30-minute webinar, led by Cognition Corporation’s CEO David Cronin, will show you our approach to software validation. You’ll see the steps we take to make regular validation activities streamlined while maximizing regulatory compliance.

As well, you’ll learn about:

  • Prioritizing validation activities using a risk-based approach
  • Defining functional requirements for validation and connecting them to test protocols, tests, and test steps
  • Managing validation in a configured product development solution

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About our Presenter


For over 20 years, David Cronin has been supporting medical device, pharmaceutical, and combination product organizations in their efforts to guide regulatory compliance, empower risk management, and implement robust product development solutions. As CEO of Cognition Corporation, David is dedicated to ensuring all our customers receive the support, solutions, and expertise necessary to transform their product development processes.


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