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Realizable Benefits of the CockpitTM Platform for a Growing Medical Technology Company

"We realized that as the projects expanded, we needed a solution to support and augment the management of design requirements and risk management activities," says a Microchips Sr. Systems Engineer. "Taking on a solution to enhance our capabilities was a priority."


Does this struggle sound familiar to you? Are your project portfolios growing--both in quantity and complexity? Are your existing solutions augmenting your team's established skills and capacities?

Microchips Biotech Inc. found themselves asking these questions. They determined it was necessary to find a solution that was:

  1. Easy to implement
  2. Able to add rigor around requirements management
  3. Scalable with company growth

In this case study, you'll see how Cognition's CockpitTM Platform met their needs and has helped them empower their product development.

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